Sour, sweet, clean: In breweries and in the production of carbonated soft drinks, it is not just about the hygiene standards, but also about the exact dosage of expensive or corrosive additives. Accuracy and reliability are also required in filling plants in order to maximise production performance and prevent downtimes.

The Labom solution

Our measuring devices for use in the beverage sector are developed and manufactured in accordance with internationally recognised standards for hygienic design. Suitable for GMP production (good manufacturing practice), they comply with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) standards.


Whether temperature, pressure or level: Labom measuring devices for contact with food have easy-to-clean process connections and housings as well as hygienic surfaces. Dead-zone free designs to avoid residues and aseptic process connections (suitable for CIP or SIP cleaning) are a matter of course with us. Food-grade materials are also used.

Labom quality

  • Aseptic process connections (suitable for CIP or SIP cleaning)
  • Hygienic design with EHEDG certified process connections
  • Food-grade materials (according to EC Regulation No 1935/2004) 
  • Robust and reliable 
  • Precise (with a calibration certificate on request)
  • Hygienic surfaces (electropolished on request) 
  • Easy-to-clean housing, dust-tight and splash-proof (IP 65 or IP 67 protection rating)


  • Filling line
  • Chromatography/Chromatography columns
  • Steam boiler
  • Destillation column
  • Dosing station
  • Fermenters/Bioreactors
  • Fixed bed reactor
  • Gas tanks
  • Compressor
  • Storage tanks
  • Solution container
  • Mixer
  • Pumping station
  • Stirred tank reactor
  • Silo
  • Flow tube reactor/continuous reactor 
  • Evaporater
  • Piping/pipes
  • Fluidized bed reactor

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