Thermowell calculation

Labom thermowells are manufactured in accordance with national standards (DIN 43772) or customer specifications. The corresponding LABOM dial thermometers and temperature sensors have been specially designed for optimal compatibility.Typically thermowells are used in applications where they are to remain in the measured media and only the temperature sensor will be exchanged or retrofitted, or where the temperature sensor must be kept out of direct contact with the product. Thermowells also provide protection against mechanical loads.

As part of our services, we are pleased to offer calculation and analysis of the thermowells to mathematically determine the strength in respect to the static and dynamic load in the individual application.

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Calculation of the hydrogen resistance of measuring instruments

Hydrogen penetrates stainless steel. This effect can have negative influences on the function of measuring instruments. With our hydrogen tool, we can calculate the time period in which this effect is reliably excluded for measuring instruments with diaphragm seal systems, depending on the most important influencing factors.

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