Industrial measurement technology

Modern industrial plants simply cannot function without measurement technology. Particularly in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing industries, physical parameters must be controlled and maintained in the production process so that the end product meets the required quality. At the same time, industrial measurement technology also serves to protect plants and personnel by providing timely warning of hazards that may arise if certain maximum values are exceeded, or by shutting down the plant in an emergency.

Industrial measurement technology not only has the task of measuring the respective variable with the required accuracy, displaying it or making it available for further processing. The devices must also be robust in order to withstand the stresses of the production process and guarantee a service life that is customary in industry. In addition, there may be hygienic requirements or, for example, explosion protection specifications that must also be met by the measuring devices.


Typically, in the above-mentioned industries, the variables temperature, pressure and level are measured or monitored. Labom has specialised in industrial measuring technology for these physical quantities and supplies a wide range of mechanical and electrical or electronic measuring instruments for the above-mentioned areas. The range is supplemented with the corresponding accessories.