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Safe, practical, durable: The requirements for safety and robustness for all infrastructure applications, but especially for the fuel tanks of filling stations or service stations, are high. Not only are huge amounts of flammable and explosive liquids and gases (fuels, natural gas, hydrogen) stored here, the fuel pumps and tanks are constantly exposed to the weather and are not just used by trained specialists. Decentralised operation of the systems is therefore also an important prerequisite.

The Labom solution

Labom's measurement technology is characterised by high reliability and is particularly robust. It goes without saying that all devices are explosion-proof (ATEX), suitable for safety applications (SIL2) and have a high IP protection class. 

Their intuitive and decentralised operation is another important function that contributes to safe usage. In addition, our measuring devices are suitable for hydrogen – and therefore fit for the future.

Labom quality

  • Robust and reliable 
  • High degree of moisture protection through IP protection classes and/or encapsulated electronics
  • Intuitive operation
  • Weather-resistant stainless steel housing
  • Corrosion-resistant materials
  • High long-term stability
  • Suitable for hydrogen
  • Explosion-proof (ATEX)
  • Suitable for SIL
  • 3.1 Material certificates 


  • Dosing station, robust
  • Gas tanks, robust
  • Tanks in tank stations

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